Break-Through Theatre

This course builds upon the notion that issues pertaining to communities who are
marginalised, excluded and educationally disadvantaged can use a different medium to
express their feelings,  and lived experiences that can often breakthrough to help
achieve otherwise untapped potential.
The medium of drama help creats a safe environment that allows participants to explore and express personal feelings.  Developing self-confidence that has lain
dormant blocking their talents, skills, and knowledge base that would otherwise help
them to access higher education.
Successful students will:
  • Develop self esteem and a heightened self-awareness
  • be able to demonstrate their skills in performing to a high standard in drama production
  • understand the skills of active listening and effective communication and have the ability to apply this to group work and individual work
  • understand the key elements of transformative practice through the exploration of the theories of Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal.


Successful completion of the course will enable students to obtain 20 academic credits at Level Level 4, which participants could then use towards their points accumulation for entry to university.

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I never thought I would enjoy this kind of thing, but Syd and Sinead were so welcoming. This has helped my confidence so much, I couldn't recommend it enough!
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