Creative Therapies

Educating yourself does not always mean studying. Connect have found a multitude of ways to engage a range of all backgrounds and abilities. Anyone can be a creative.

Visual art therapy (also known as art therapy) involves using visual art materials. For example, you might use pens, pencils, paint, chalk, clay or collaging. You don't need to have any art skills or experience.

With support from your therapist, you might use art materials to express your feelings or experiences. Your therapist might sometimes provide ideas or prompts – for example, some art therapy groups might focus on a particular theme or activity each session.

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I never thought I would enjoy this kind of thing, but Syd and Sinead were so welcoming. This has helped my confidence so much, I couldn't recommend it enough!
Together for Social Justice

We believe in a future free from social injustice regardless of the circumstances.

Let’s Reminisce

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